Service Oriented Design with Ruby on Rails book

Service Oriented Design with Ruby on Rails book

Now all my examinations are finished for this semester. So now it is time for relaxation. I think i will read "Service-Oriented Design with Ruby on Rails" from Paul Dix. Maybe it will cover some topics from my master thesis in future. The book is from the Addison-Wesley Professional Ruby Series and worth a try to read out. By the way it is available on amazon.

I think it is a good book, I already read the summary of it, but I will tell you my opinion again after reading the whole book.

Have a nice day folks :-)!

Matthias Frick
Ruby on Rails
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Matthias Frick
Matthias Frick, MSc.

Er ist ein langjähriger Ruby-on-Rails Entwickler und leitet das Unternehmen Frick-Web.

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  1. Tom
    Tom 24.02.2012
    Hi Matthias, i am looking forward for a little book review if you are finished with it. Greetings Tom

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