Contact Form gem for Rails3

Contact Form gem for Rails3

Today I wrote a little gem which contains a contact form. It is build with the enginex engine skeleton and is a full mountable rails engine. You can easily integrate the code into your rails project and you can customize it the way you like.

The gem contains a form which gets send by mail to an user. The user gets an auto reply mail and the website administrator gets a mail with the contact data. Just simple, but comfortable.

Quick Start

gem install contact_form

Or add it to your Gemfile:

gem "contact_form"

Run the generator to generate an initializer file, a config yml file and locale files

rails g contact_form:install

You can easily customize all files. The generated file under “/config” contains the mailer recipients, you can change them the way you want. The generated files under “/config/locales” contains i18n keys which can also be changed.

After you run the generator you can mount the engine in your routes.rb

mount ContactForm::Engine => "/contact_form"



and you’ll see the result!


There are following generators available for customizing your contact form:

rails g contact_form:views        # generates view files
rails g contact_form:models       # generates model files
rails g contact_form:controllers  # generates controller files
rails g contact_form:mailers      # generates mailer files


Or simple generate all files

rails g contact_form:all          # generates all files

The gem is published under the MIT license.

You can find further information on github:

Feel free to open issuses or make a pull request, if something does not work the way you want.

Matthias Frick
Ruby on Rails
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Matthias Frick
Matthias Frick, MSc.

Er ist ein langjähriger Ruby-on-Rails Entwickler und leitet das Unternehmen Frick-Web.

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  1. Chilaro Hilma
    Chilaro Hilma 04.10.2012
    Very convenient generators guy! Thanks a lot!
  2. Raul Pepe
    Raul Pepe 06.11.2012
    Thanks, saved me a lot of time! I like your ActiveModel class.
  3. Andrew Murpheys
    Andrew Murpheys 02.01.2014
    Thanks for sharing!

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