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Welcome to Frick-Web

I am a creative web developer with a passion for the modern web and standards. My service ensure a fully integrated approach to your online requirements.
Matthias Frick, MSc.


Frick-Web is a full-service web agency from Austria, based in Feldkirch in Vorarlberg.
Behind Frick-Web stands Matthias Frick, a web developer and programmer. He creates strategy and design solutions for the web. Frick-Web programms and designs according to best-practices in information design, usability and accessibility across browsers, users and mediums. Frick-Web is a strong web standards advocate who believes that valid and extensible solutions are essential.


Whether you need a simple brochure website, a fully featured ecommerce solution or anything in between - Frick-Web has the talent to meet and exceed your demands. Frick-Web helps you to make decisions. From project start until everything runs in a perfect way you can count on us - Frick-Web is your partner for the world wide web.
Frick-Web offers programming, design, hosting and maintenance.


Are you a designer or a programmer and need help in a project? You can easily contact Frick-Web and ask for help or directly hire Frick-Web for this project. Frick-Web is interested in good and close collaborations and in new projects and ideas.
The projects from us come into existence in collaboration with different designers.